Real-time Multi-Modal Analytics and Decision Support

Real-time Multi-modal Analytics and Decision Support

Introducing SADAR™ by Laconic

We searched far and wide for a decision-support solution that could model the complex interdependencies between global ecology, economy and security. Because none existed, we created SADAR™– our Sentient All-Domain Augmented Response Platform.

SADAR™ powers Laconic’s Environmental Intelligence services by combining data-gathering, in-situ remote sensing and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, that provide informative data visualizations. This makes it possible to propose, model and evaluate complex environmental scenarios.

Data Pedigree

We adhere to the highest data pedigree standards to inform our decision-support practice. 

With a strong data pedigree, we can unlock the full potential of remote sensing and advanced analytics to drive actionable insights for strategic decision-making. This process makes us the most thorough and trusted provider in the Environmental Intelligence industry.  

Here are the ten data attributes we monitor and ensure.

Click Icons To View Elements

Click Icons To View Elements
Source Collection Timeliness Accuracy Completeness Consistency Integrity Confidentiality Security Traceability Raw Data Refined Data


Source is about understanding sources of data, whether it’s from satellite imagery, IOT devices, or other sources from which it was collected.


Collection is the process of data collection, including instruments, tools or techniques used and documented for accuracy and consistency.


Timeliness is critical as it focuses on the time at which the data is collected and ensures that data is relevant and applicable to the current context.


Accuracy is vital in generating reliable insights. It measures the degree to which the data accurately reflects the reality it is intended to represent.


Completeness ensures that all relevant aspects or dimensions of the phenomenon being studied are represented in the data.


Consistency aligns data with other sources of information or user expectations to ensure that the insights generated are reliable.


Integrity is the degree to which data has been preserved and protected from changes or modifications that could compromise its quality or reliability.


Confidentiality focuses on the degree to which data is protected from unauthorized access or disclosure, safeguarding sensitive information and ensuring data privacy.


Security are the measures that have been taken to protect the data from threats or vulnerabilities such as cyber-attacks, data breaches or unauthorized access.


Traceability focuses on the ability to trace the data back to its source and understand its history and lineage, ensuring transparency and accountability.

Raw Data

Raw collected environmental data from various sources

Refined Data

Environmental data that has completed the pedigree process and is ready to inform our decision-support practice

SADAR™ Converts Raw Environmental Data into Useful, Timely and Actionable Insights with the Highest Data Pedigree

SADAR™ Converts Raw Environmental Data into Useful, Timely and Actionable Insights with the Highest Data Pedigree

Data Collections

Laconic provides integrated environmental monitoring solutions from various sources and sensors for a holistic understanding of the environment.

The SADAR™ technology stack uses 6 intelligence collection platforms (satellites, drones, ground-based sensors, aquatic surface and sub-surface sensors and Laconic’s ground survey team) to draw on more than 24 survey types, 54 environmental data variables, 10 data pedigree elements, and 6 Ecosystem thematic accounts to generate actionable policies from raw data. This step enables Laconic to produce sound decision support based on real-time multi-modal data with high fidelity.

Data Integrations

SADAR™ streamlines data integration from a multitude of sources and can be expanded to incorporate new sources such as sensors and hardware technologies. The platform is capable of parsing through an array of file types and data formats to seamlessly integrate and consolidate into a unified data store, ensuring easy access and efficient analysis.

Data Cataloging

SADAR™’s unified data store streamlines the process of managing and organizing diverse environmental data (air, land and sea) from multiple sources. Our advanced data cataloging capabilities enable efficient data discovery, retrieval, and analysis, simplifying access to the wealth of information collected.

Laconic’s Universal Environmental Identifier (LUEI) simplifies data management and enhances data quality and accuracy by eliminating data silos and ensuring consistency across modalities. This multi-modal data store forms a comprehensive baseline understanding of the environment.


SADAR™’s analytics leverage powerful artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) capabilities to identify patterns, trends and correlations that extract insights based on the massive stores of diverse data it collects. The platform formulates possibilities, predicts outcomes and helps minimize risk by eliminating costly mistakes.

Decision Support

Our Decision Support step leverages data from all domains, enabling proactive scenario analysis of opportunities and risks to determine the best course of action. Our team of elite data scientists excel in the transformation of solving ambiguous problems and converting them into actionable insights displayed intuitively on the Decision Support dashboard. The result is more efficient and effective policy-making that delivers optimal outcomes for bespoke solutions.

See how we apply Decision Support

Need additional help or have a question? Current customers can contact our support team at Not a customer yet but have a question? Contact us.


Need additional help or have a question? Current customers can contact our support team at Not a customer yet but have a question? Contact us.