Natural Capital Monetization

The Smart Way to Finance your Green Growth

The Power of Natural Capital Monetization

With our Natural Capital Monetization service, we help you discover, safely extract and sell your natural assets to produce revenue, whilst helping you reduce your greenhouse gas emissions. In doing so, you earn carbon credits that can be sold to finance environment-friendly projects. Once they’re sold on the global market, these carbon credits can be used to fund sustainable local initiatives.

“This pioneering program of insight-driven sustainable development has the potential to increase the Balinese GDP by $10 Billion USD over the next 20 years, as well as generating as much as $500 Million USD of Carbon Credits for the Provincial Government of Bali over the same period.

Andrew Gilmour, Laconic Co-Founder & CEO 

Valuing Nature’s Hidden Assets

Natural Capital Monetization transforms environmental assets into profitable opportunities by assigning monetary values to natural resources and ecosystem services. Through our three-step process of quantifying, verifying and monetizing your assets, we help you generate and capitalize on high-quality carbon credits. This approach aids in your decision-making process by enabling you to identify and monetize valuable natural resources, ultimately driving financial success and growth.

Quantifying Your Natural Capital

Leveraging our SADAR™ Environmental Intelligence platform, we enable you to accurately quantify your ecosystem assets through state-of-the-art survey platforms ensuring robust data pedigree. By leveraging our proprietary tools and expertise, you gain a comprehensive understanding of the environmental resources at your disposal. With precise measurements of your natural capital, decision-makers can take informed actions to optimize the value of your existing resources.

Verifying your Natural Assets

Once your natural assets have been quantified, we help in the validation and compliance with international standards, ensuring the legitimacy and value of your tradable assets. Our comprehensive expertise in Environmental Monitoring empowers you to navigate accreditation processes with confidence and optimize your assets’ potential in the marketplace.

Monetizing your Natural Assets

Now that we have quantified and verified your natural assets, it’s time to turn them into valuable revenue streams. Our advanced techniques exceed standard industry measuring practices to deliver remarkably precise Tier 3 carbon credits, the highest recognized quality standard on the market. With our assistance, you can not only protect your natural resources, but also drive economic growth and generate the capital needed for ongoing economic prosperity.

Our expertise in green financing enables us to assist corporations, sovereign nations, financial institutions, and their clients in financing their conservation and environmental infrastructure projects. Leveraging natural assets as part of our monetization process, we offer a viable solution through partnerships with financial institutions for funding such initiatives.

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