Environmental Risk Management

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Environmental Risk Management

Our Risk Management application is a necessary tool for any project and policy with climatic, economic and social implications. We evaluate potential environmental hazards and their associated risks and provide actionable insights with decision support to mitigate and minimize those risks. Our goal is to promote sustainable development, whilst protecting human health and the environment.

Risk Assessment Platform for Complex Environments

While other tools may identify singular points of failure, our SADAR™ Environmental Intelligence platform is designed to propose and evaluate a range of possible scenarios. We collect and assess massive stores of multi-sourced real-time data at scale to identify and address potential points of failure.

Our cross-disciplinary expertise empowers our algorithms to identify critical dependencies among diverse environmental data sets. This helps make sense of the unconnected social, economic and environmental forces that arise from climate change. Armed with this information, we can help you identify, evaluate and mitigate environmental risks across the board.

Environmental Value at Risk (EVaR)

As part of our Risk Management service, we also provide Environmental Value at Risk (EVaR) for financial institutions. We do this by quantifying the possible losses and potential financial impacts on a company, project or community resulting from human activity-caused degradation of the environment. Our EVaR analysis assesses the probability and severity of environmental impacts, such as pollution or habitat destruction, and estimates the potential costs associated with these impacts.

Some EVaR analysis include:

  • For agriculture and forestry, we can provide actionable intelligence relating to crop cycles and forestry health, better informing both operators and lenders.
  • For mining operations, we can analyze the composition of mine tailings and create models predicting how rainstorm run-off may impact downstream communities and ecosystems.

Whatever the challenge, our EVaR application can predict conditions that will require mitigation and provide relevant information to help you decide your course of action about resource allocation and risk management, and better understand the true costs of your operations.

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