Data Scientist (Leader)

Chicago, IL, USA
Job Type
Full Time

About the Role

Summary: To serve as a senior data analyst and subject matter expert engaged in the technical analysis and production of information obtained and processed from multiple information sources in support of Laconic requirements, environmental monitoring, and surveys.

The organizational location of this position is: Chicago, IL as an in-person position. 


  • Serves as a senior adviser and primary consultant on information analysis and production.
  • Develops and presents information capabilities to a wide variety of customers.
  • Conducts and oversees the most complex analysis and integration of multi-source information.
  • Manages and oversees information collections and production.
  • Serves as a senior technical authority on information issues.
  • Operate as part of cross-functional business and technical teams alongside data scientist, survey teams analysts, business leaders, data engineers and other team members to deliver impactful technical data warehouse and business intelligence solutions – from defining and developing metrics that matter to the enterprise and customer.


Required Experience:

  • 12+ years of experience where data analysis and analytics is the core skill. Expertise in prototyping and designing metrics, reports, data analyses, and experiments with actionable insights is required.
  • Knowledge of a comprehensive range of information research and collection methods, techniques, and practices to use multi-source information systems to capture data to make recommendations in developing information capabilities, new hypotheses and theories, and threat assessments.
  • Knowledge of advanced analytical principles, concepts, and methods to produce detailed analyses of complex information/situations attained from multiple sources.
  • Knowledge of the local government functions, inter-relationships, and operations.
  • Skill in conducting unbiased complex research, identifying appropriate available systems/data sources, and producing collection requirement assessments that answer specific tasks to link and leverage all available capabilities in support of consumers, customers, and clients.
  • Skill in communicating effectively with others, both orally and in writing, in working out solutions to problems or questions related to the work, writing clear and concise information products, and delivering written and/or verbal presentations to senior level audiences for decision-making purposes.
  • Ability to maintain control of classified material, quickly assimilate disparate data, render knowledgeable and accurate assessments of the implication of such data, and make decisions, estimates, and recommendations under conditions of urgency and pressure based on mature judgment and experience and present and/or justify a position effectively.

About the Company

Laconic leads the global market in providing Environmental Intelligence services. We employ cutting-edge remote data sensing and geospatial technologies, human intelligence, AI and ML informatics, and predictive analytics to offer Environmental Monitoring, Risk Management, Decision Support, Domain Awareness, and Natural Capital Monetization applications. Our integrated technology platform and services enable governments, financial institutions, and corporations to make strategic business decisions in response to operational challenges arising from the intersection of ecology, economy, and security domains. As a member of the UN’s Global Marketplace, we design our services and applications to help clients achieve each of the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Our advanced SADAR™ Environmental Intelligence platform allows clients to assess various environmental scenarios promptly and make informed business decisions based on our proprietary analytics with the highest data pedigree. SADAR™ gathers environmental data through multi-modal ingestion from numerous global sources and organizes it using Laconic’s unique Universal Environmental Identifier (LUEI), which enables data fusion, contextual search, and custom ML models for our clients.

We collaborate with clients to develop tailored solutions that address diverse issues such as regional food security, decarbonization, financial compliance obligations, and habitat preservation. Our solutions maintain local social, cultural, and economic norms while actively promoting sustainable growth.

Our team comprises experienced professionals from a wide range of business, academic, and governmental sectors. We work with client nations and organizations to integrate newly available insights from the environment into strategies that reduce risk, boost profitability, and drive innovative initiatives.

At Laconic, we envision a world where humanity’s progress aligns with the protection, restoration, and ongoing sustainability of natural systems. We believe that responsible economic growth supports a thriving planet. Equipped with the necessary tools to deliver timely, relevant insights, our committed team upholds uncompromising excellence, high standards, and honest communication. Discretion and the power to choose our actions lie at the heart of Laconic’s core values.

Laconic, founded in 2019, holds Public Benefit Corporation (PBC) status and has its headquarters in Chicago, with additional offices in Bali, San Diego, and Toronto.